The pull request size is calculated based on the amount of lines changed.

< 20 lines changed.
20~100 lines changed.
100~250 lines changed.
250~500 lines changed.
> 500 lines changed.


This chart can help you measure and answer questions like:

  • Is the team striving for small Pull Requests?
  • Is review or merge time slow because of big Pull Requests?

What good looks like

Ideally, most of Pull Requests should be small or tiny.

  • They are easier to review.
  • They have fewer bugs.
  • They are picked up and approved faster.
  • They have fewer merge conflicts.

Striving for smaller Pull Requests can reduce your team’s cycle time and help your team ship product faster.

How to improve

There are some strategies that can help your team aim for smaller Pull Requests.

  • Visit this data during retrospectives and discuss options with the team.
  • Keep CI/CD process fast and painless.
  • Break down tickets into smaller pieces.
  • Try stacking Pull Requests.
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