At, we are huge fans of open source and its community. We believe in the power of community-driven development and the positive impact it has on innovation and progress. Our source code is freely available for everyone, and we allow self-hosting to ensure accessibility and flexibility.


Our projects are licensed under the Functional Source License (FSL). While this license is not OSI-approved, it combines the benefits of open source with safeguards against harmful free-riding. The FSL ensures that the software remains open for use, modification, and distribution, but prevents commercial users to use our code to compete against us. After two years, the FSL license automatically converts to the Apache License.

We believe this license strikes a good balance between freedom for our users and sustainability to our business.


We love open source and are dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment. Contributions from the community are invaluable to us, and we welcome any input, whether it’s bug fixes, new features, or improvements to documentation. By working together, we can continue to innovate and create tools that benefit everyone.