At Sweetr, we prioritize the security and privacy of our users. We implement the best security measures to ensure our services are secure and reliable. Our dedication to protecting your data is unwavering, and we continually update our practices to meet the highest security standards.

Data deletion

We understand the importance of data privacy. Upon uninstalling our GitHub app, we automatically hard delete all organizational data to ensure that no remnants are left behind. Your data is your own, and we respect your right to complete control over it.

Source code handling

We do not store any of your repositories’ source code. Our services operate by accessing only the necessary information required to provide our tools and features, ensuring that your intellectual property remains secure and private.

GitHub permissions

Our GitHub app asks for permission for:

  • Read: , and .

  • Read and write: .

These permissions are necessary to sync metadata from GitHub to our database and provide service to you.

Minimal data storage

We save only the data needed to service our users effectively. This includes metadata and other essential information that allows us to provide a seamless and efficient experience. By minimizing the data we store, we reduce potential risks and enhance your privacy.

Trust and transparency

As an open-source project, we welcome anyone to audit our code. Transparency is a core value for us, and we believe in providing our users with the assurance that our code is secure and trustworthy.

Our processes are designed to be clear and understandable, ensuring that you feel confident in the security and privacy of your information. We are always open to feedback and continuously strive to improve our security measures.

Security inquiries

We are happy to answer any security questions from your organization. Our team is committed to providing clear and detailed information to ensure you feel confident in using our tools. Feel free to reach out to us with any concerns or questions regarding our security practices.

Email to inquire about our security practices.