How it works

Every time a yarn.lock or package-lock.json file is modified on a Pull Request, adds a comment to the file with a summary of the changes. The summary lists for each updated package:

  • Package Name.
  • Type (Removed/Downgraded/Updated/Added).
  • Previous and New Version.
  • Package’s minified bundle size (powered by
  • Package’s health (powered by

How can this help your team?

Engineers hardly ever review lock files. They are huge and hard to read. This helps them understand how dependencies are being changed on a quick glance.

  • Package health: Reconsider unmaintained packages that will become tech-debt. Instant access to package’s full health analysis on Snyk.
  • Bundle size: Understand how adding a package will affect the website’s bundle size, enabling better performance management.
  • Security awareness: Instant access to vulnerability reports ensures that security concerns are addressed promptly.
  • Streamlined reviews: Engineers can quickly understand the impact of changes without manually sifting through large lock files.
  • Understand the dependency tree: Expose the real cost of adding a package, including sub-dependencies.
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